Best Fishing Stringers for Northern Pike

Eagle Claw metal stringer for pike

Landing a pike is no easy feat. The fight is part of what brings anglers back fishing for these freshwater wolves over and over again. And every single experienced angler has learned the hard way from hand gashes and old scars to watch the hands when those heads start shaking. While getting them in the …

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Northern Pike Teeth: All You Need to Know

northern pike on the grass

The northern pike is known by many names, several of them involving not appropriate for young ears language after they throw a hook towards your face, bite off the line with your favorite lure at the end of it, or gash your hands with their rows of razor sharp teeth while you’re unhooking them. If …

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Do You Need a Steel Leader for Muskie Fishing?

fishing bite off

Muskies are a challenging fish to bring in even during the best of circumstances and with only moderate weight. If you have your eyes set on big trophy muskies (and what self-respecting angler wouldn’t?) then you definitely need to shift the scales as much in your favor as possible because You absolutely need a steel …

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State Muskie Records: State by State Guide

muskie natural habitat map

Who doesn’t love some good muskie fishing? The challenge, the excitement…the 10,000 casts that get nothing and yet a muskie slams into your lure while it’s on the surface as you try to untangle a massive knot of fishing line? I mean what’s not to love? If you’ve been musky fishing before, or make it …

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