Yellow Pike Meat: Is It Any Good?

white vs yellow pike fillets

Northern pike can be a very delicious fish, but many people are surprised to learn that the color of the flesh can differ depending on location, fish health, and a variety of other environmental influences. If you have only fished in one place for pike your whole life and then go somewhere else, you might …

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Can You Eat Northern Pike Eggs?

pike roe eggs

Heading north to chase a big trophy northern pike is a dream trip for many anglers. My brother and I treasured family trips to Lac de Mille Lacs in Ontario where the pike fishing was always next level, but since we never went in the very early spring before spawning, we never found a female …

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Do Chain Pickerel Taste Good?

fish frying in pan

Chain pickerel is a fun fish to go after. Fishermen who enjoy a little bit of pickerel fishing know first hand that this smaller cousin of the northern pike loves to put up a fight. Pound for pound, they are scrappers and can fight like fish much bigger and heavier you expect. But do chain …

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Are Muskies Good to Eat?

Fisherman with big muskie fish

The muskie is a hard fighting sports fish in northern climates that is the obsessive Moby Dick-like bane of many a fisherman. These powerful freshwater sports fish are an obsession I’ve chased myself. Very hard fighters that are even harder to find, hook, and net – these do the pike family proud! There are split …

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