Catching Pike with Spinnerbaits

blue june bug spinnerbait

When you have a fish as aggressive as the northern pike, you generally have many great options for how to catch them. A big aggressive, territorial fish that’s always hungry and looking to assert dominance? Sounds like a great target for a long day out on the water! For years it never occurred to me …

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What Size Lure Is Best For Pike?

classic 6 inch crankbait

There are many questions that excited new anglers have and one of the big ones is: “What lure size is best for northern pike?” That’s a good question, and honestly it’s one that many pike anglers debate over. Sometimes very passionately. While there are many obvious factors that can affect the answer to what type …

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Northern Pike Night Fishing Guide

night fishing for pike

When it comes to northern pike fishing, there’s a lot to love. Pike fight hard, they taste delicious, and few freshwater fish can give such a fight and the potential to get a trophy-sized fish that you can truly be proud of when putting up on the wall. They’re fun because they’re so aggressive, which …

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