Do You Need a Steel Leader for Muskie Fishing?

fishing bite off

Muskies are a challenging fish to bring in even during the best of circumstances and with only moderate weight. If you have your eyes set on big trophy muskies (and what self-respecting angler wouldn’t?) then you definitely need to shift the scales as much in your favor as possible because You absolutely need a steel …

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State Muskie Records: State by State Guide

muskie natural habitat map

Who doesn’t love some good muskie fishing? The challenge, the excitement…the 10,000 casts that get nothing and yet a muskie slams into your lure while it’s on the surface as you try to untangle a massive knot of fishing line? I mean what’s not to love? If you’ve been musky fishing before, or make it …

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How to Take Pike Off the Hook Safely

Angler with trophy pike

If you are an angler and fish lakes and rivers where northern pike proliferate, then you most likely already know how incredibly aggressive they are and how wiley they can be when you are trying to handle one. In the regions where they are common, pike are most likely responsible for more hooking accidents and …

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How to Land a Musky Without a Net

Fisherman with big muskie fish

We need to have a serious discussion before we examine the topic of handling a musky without a net, so consider this introduction a disclaimer. Handling a musky without a net is dangerous business, do so at your own risk. A large fish like a musky with a mouth full of treble hooks can be …

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State Redfin Pickerel Records: Complete State Guide

Redfin Pickerel

Redfin pickerel are very small fish, among the smallest in the pickerel family with only the other American Pickerel, the grass pickerel, comparing in their diminutive size. While muskies, tiger muskies, and northern pike are on the heavy side of the Esox family, the redfin pickerel is on the far other side. One of two …

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