How Fast Do Northern Pike Grow?

pike being measured on boat

Figuring out the age of a big fish you just caught can be a challenge. Northern pike are no exception in this matter. Though many anglers are surprised how quickly the fast-growing northern pike can reach legally catchable status. At least in comparison to many other fish. Northern pike grow fastest in the first two …

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Can You Keep Northern Pike in an Aquarium?

winter angler holding big northern pike

As a long-time pike angler the idea that anyone would want to keep a northern pike in an aquarium is, frankly, pretty funny. While these long slender fish have a certain predator beauty to them (if you get past the obvious ugliness), they should not be anyone’s first choice for an aquarium fish. Keeping a …

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Why Are Northern Pike Called Jackfish?

man holding giant pike

There are few fish that I enjoy going after than the northern pike. Aggressive ambush fish who leave no doubt when they hit your lure and give you an enjoyable fight. Pound for pound they are some of the best fighters out there, and sometime they fight well above their weight. Always a good time …

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Why Are Northern Pike Called Snakes?

tiny northern pike

Some fish have very strange nicknames. One of the more common ones that can throw anglers off, especially if they have the very common fear of serpents, is “snake.” What’s interesting about this nickname is how it has changed, evolved, and is used different depending on what area you’re in. Some anglers call pike “snakes” …

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Are Crankbaits Best for Pike Fishing?

old crankbaits

My reaction when I first heard that people were using any lure but the crankbait when fishing northern pike? “Why make things any harder than they ought to be.” I simply couldn’t believe anyone would consider another type of lure considering how effective the crankbait is for catching pike. Ask anyone experienced in fishing northern …

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caught northern pike

Introducing The Northern Pike Northern pike is predominantly a fresh water fish though they are also found in the brackish waters of the Baltic Sea.  They are a carnivorous fish that will eat anything from frogs, insects, leeches, the occasional duckling, and other pike.  Females tend to grow larger than the males, and the largest …

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