How Big Do Musky Get?

angler holding trophy musky

The musky is the biggest member of the Esox family and has a reputation as one of the most fun, and infuriating, northern freshwater fish out there. Musky are known for being fierce fighters, growing to huge sizes, The world record for the biggest musky is 72 inches in length and 67 lbs 8 oz …

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Muskie Vs. Pike: How to Tell Them Apart

Musky vs. Pike chart

Both members of the Esox family, northern pike and muskellunge are absolute favorites among many sports anglers. These northern freshwater fish are known for fierce fighting, huge sizes, and for just being fun as all heck to go after. There are many defining features that help you tell a musky from a pike. The most …

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What Do Muskies Typically Eat?

Fisherman with big muskie fish

Muskies are almost mythological among northern anglers chasing these huge voracious fish that somehow, are extremely hard to hook, much less catch. Quite different from their northern pike cousins! Yet muskies love to eat – and there’s no denying they have a big appetite! Muskies are aggressive predators that will eat a wide array of …

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Muskie Vs. Tiger Muskie: How to Tell Them Apart

four pictures tiger muskies

The muskellunge (aka “musky” or “muskie”) is one of the really amazing freshwater fish, especially up north, and the bane of many a devoted angler’s existence. Telling a tiger muskie apart from a muskie is a little bit harder than telling a northern pike and regular muskie apart. Tiger muskie can look mostly like a …

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What Do Northern Pike Eat?

pike's huge mouth

Few fish are as famous as the northern pike for being voracious predators who love to eat – and they have a big appetite! There’s a reason this aggressive freshwater fish has earned the nickname of “freshwater wolf.” Even smaller pike aren’t safe when a big pike decides that it’s feeding time! Northern pike even …

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Do Northern Pike Attack Fisherman?

poster pike slamming lure

There are many fish that are known for being aggressive but there aren’t many, especially outside of sharks, that actually have a reputation for attacking people. Northern pike and muskie are two of the rare fish that have a reputation for attacking people in the water. Do pike attack fishers? Let’s separate the truth from …

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What Is the Best Bait for Muskie?

musky caught by angler sketch

Ah, the elusive, annoying, and obsessive bane of many a fisherman: the muskie. A hard to find, extremely tricky and hard fighting freshwater fish, the muskie is notorious for “trolling” anglers hardheaded and obsessive enough to keep coming back to try to get lucky enough to hook one again. Every fisherman knows that using the …

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