How Long Do Pike Live?

northern pike swimming

Northern pike are an aggressive freshwater sports fish that are renown for their size and fight. There’s a reason they are a favorite with many anglers who enjoy the awesome fight that pike bring to each and every encounter. They also very large sizes, especially for a northern freshwater fish. This makes many anglers wonder: …

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How Old Is a 40 Inch Northern Pike?

big trophy northern pike

Catching a monster pike is one heck of an experience, and one that I hope every serious angler gets to enjoy at some point. There are few freshwater fish that fight so hard pound for pound, and big pike will multiply the fight from every single pound of weight, every single inch of length. Add …

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How Fast Do Northern Pike Grow?

pike being measured on boat

Figuring out the age of a big fish you just caught can be a challenge. Northern pike are no exception in this matter. Though many anglers are surprised how quickly the fast-growing northern pike can reach legally catchable status. At least in comparison to many other fish. Northern pike grow fastest in the first two …

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Can You Keep Northern Pike in an Aquarium?

winter angler holding big northern pike

As a long-time pike angler the idea that anyone would want to keep a northern pike in an aquarium is, frankly, pretty funny. While these long slender fish have a certain predator beauty to them (if you get past the obvious ugliness), they should not be anyone’s first choice for an aquarium fish. Keeping a …

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Are Muskies Good to Eat?

Fisherman with big muskie fish

The muskie is a hard fighting sports fish in northern climates that is the obsessive Moby Dick-like bane of many a fisherman. These powerful freshwater sports fish are an obsession I’ve chased myself. Very hard fighters that are even harder to find, hook, and net – these do the pike family proud! There are split …

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Why Are Northern Pike Called Jackfish?

man holding giant pike

There are few fish that I enjoy going after than the northern pike. Aggressive ambush fish who leave no doubt when they hit your lure and give you an enjoyable fight. Pound for pound they are some of the best fighters out there, and sometime they fight well above their weight. Always a good time …

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