Do Northern Pike Have Red Fins?

Redfin Pickerel

Northern pike are some of my favorite fish to go after because when they hit your lure, it makes all that waiting and empty casting worth it. These freshwater wolves are known for their aggressive hit on lures, awesome fight, and great taste. Sometimes there is a pike that look a little odd compared to …

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Best Fishing Stringers for Northern Pike

Eagle Claw metal stringer for pike

Landing a pike is no easy feat. The fight is part of what brings anglers back fishing for these freshwater wolves over and over again. And every single experienced angler has learned the hard way from hand gashes and old scars to watch the hands when those heads start shaking. While getting them in the …

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Northern Pike Teeth: All You Need to Know

northern pike on the grass

The northern pike is known by many names, several of them involving not appropriate for young ears language after they throw a hook towards your face, bite off the line with your favorite lure at the end of it, or gash your hands with their rows of razor sharp teeth while you’re unhooking them. If …

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