How to Take Pike Off the Hook Safely

Angler with trophy pike

If you are an angler and fish lakes and rivers where northern pike proliferate, then you most likely already know how incredibly aggressive they are and how wiley they can be when you are trying to handle one. In the regions where they are common, pike are most likely responsible for more hooking accidents and …

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Are There Northern Pike in California?

northern pike on the grass

Northern pike have a well-earned reputation as a hard fighting freshwater sports fish that are extremely popular with anglers. Obviously we’re big fans as my brother and I have enjoyed fishing for them for nearly three decades now. But not every angler has had that enjoyable experience. So what happens if an angler can’t find …

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How Long Does a Pickerel Live?

chain pickerel fish

Pickerel don’t just get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to size in the Esox family, which also includes bigger cousins like the northern pike and muskellunge. But Chain pickerel live a total of 7-9 years on average. Only the absolute oldest (and largest) pickerel live past 9 years. Grass pickerel only …

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What Is a Tiger Muskie?

tiger musky picture

The Tiger Musky is a gigantic fish, and in fact the largest member of the Esox family. Which is double impressive when you consider they share the same family as the vaunted northern pike and muskellunge. The tiger musky is hybrid fish that results from a pike and a musky breeding. They are normally bred …

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